Company Information

The Hurunui Water Project Limited was incorporated on 16 July 2008 under the Companies Act (1993).

HWP is registered as an unlisted company.

HWP has a number of Founding shareholders, these being individuals and entities who contributed funds to establish the Hurunui Irrigation and Power Trust (HIPT) in 2002.

In addition, Ngāi Tahu Forest Estates, MainPower and David Teece,  the owner of Eskhead Station (the location of one of the original water storage sites investigated), contributed initial capital to fund early investigations and continue to support the project.

MainPower has an interest in the regional development of the Hurunui District and has been a significant contributor to the HWP in terms of funding, expertise and resources. MainPower offers a breadth of support, as a large community-owned infrastructure organisation. The company owns several small substation sites in the command area, but no land suitable for farming. MainPower holds 4,089 shares.

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Ngäi Tahu Farming owns 9,000 ha of rural land within the Hurunui District with development potential.

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