Farm Environment Plans (FEP)

In New Zealand, under Regional Council regulations all farming entities are required to have a Farm Environment Plan in place for their business.

Environment Canterbury require FEP’s to be audited annually and submitted to ECan to ensure that the farming activity complies with Good Management Practice (see GMP Guidelines)

A benefit of belonging to an irrigation scheme collective is that FEP’s are audited annually by the irrigating entity and submitted as composite data for the whole of the scheme Command Area.

For ECan guidance on Farm Environment Plans and much more click here

What is a Farm Environment Plan (FEP)?

Farm Environment Plans are effectively a farm planning tool with a focus on environmental outcomes. You may discover that you are already practicing many of the elements that an FEP documents, but having it written down allows you to continuously improve.

Farm Environment Plans are mandatory. HWP will make standardised FEP templates available to shareholders. We will also undertake FEP auditing and compliance reporting for our shareholders.

Helpful information can be found on the ECan website: