About us

The Hurunui Water Project is a farmer-conceived and owned irrigation scheme focussed on providing farming and community resilience against drought to ensure the sustainability and future well-being of the Hurunui District. 

It originated over 18 years ago within the farming community centred around Hawarden town-ship in the Hurunui District of North Canterbury.


Economic benefits

Irrigation contributes to New Zealand’s economic activity in multiple ways, both directly and indirectly. Although improved on-farm economics can immediately be attributed to the introduction of irrigation, it is widely agreed that there are considerable flow-on socio-economic benefits to the surrounding communities as well.

It can be seen that

· Lifting on-farm agricultural production boosts farm gate returns;

· Boosted farm productivity requires additional ancillary inputs that include agricultural workers, service providers and transport;

· Higher on-farm volumes increase the value of primary processing sectors nation-wide.

Thus community-wide, irrigation impacts positively via higher employment, higher personal and household incomes and increased land values. These impacts boost community confidence and increase household spending on other goods and services procured within local communities.

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