Shareholder news

The HWP PDS Water Rights Share offer deadline has now expired.

Please take advantage of this opportunity to secure reliable irrigation water for your family's farming business into future!

HWP Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for the issue of Water Right Shares, was registered with the Registrar of Financial Service Providers on 1 June.

General Terms of Water Use, Additional Offer Material and Application Forms can be found at our 'Company Documents' page .

If you are a non-shareholding land owner within the HWP Command Area and wish to use Scheme Water to irrigate, please contact us at HWP.

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Buying & Selling HWP Shares

HWP has an online platform that enables prospective buyers of HWP Ordinary shares to contact existing shareholders with shares to sell.

To Buy or Sell HWP Shares, please apply online for a Shareholder Account (existing Shareholders) or a Share Trader Account (potential new Shareholders).

Shareholders - Go directly to the Company Info page (tab above) and 'Create your own Shareholder Account'

Not an HWP Shareholder?

First, make sure your cursor is in this box to check 'Learn More' below, and see if your property is in the HWP Command Area.

If you do own land in the Command Area and wish to irrigate it with HWP scheme water - now is the time to join the scheme.

Go to the 'Company Information' page, select one of the two options and Create your Share Trader Login.

OR go straight to 'Register' via our footer Quick Link below.

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