HWP's Resource Consent

On 18 December 2015, Environment Canterbury issued HWP with the nine resource consents originally granted on 05 August 2013, along with a consent to change land use for farming, applied for in late 2014.


Click on the link for a summary of the HWP-Resource-Consents or, for full details (including consent conditions) go to the ECan website: 


and enter "Hurunui Water Project"   in the 'Record Holder' field and press the 'Search' Button



To learn about HWP's Long Journey to Unencumbered Resource Consent, read below and follow the links.


In August 2012, the Waitohi Irrigation and Hydro Scheme (WIHS) made an application with Environment Canterbury for nine resource consents to take, store and use water from the Hurunui and Waitohi Rivers, for irrigation in the Hurunui District.


The application was publically notified on 9 September 2012, submissions to be received no later than 5pm, 5 November 2012. To view a copy of the notification click the following link: 120907-Ecan-Notification.pdf (203KB).


The resource consents would allow for water from the Hurunui River to be used for irrigation, for it to be held in four dams along the length of the upper Waitohi River, supplied via two main intakes on the Hurunui River, one below Surveyors Stream and the other below the Mandamus River. The resource consents provide the potential to irrigate close to 60,000 hectares, extending as far south as Waipara and north into Cheviot, with capacity to generate electricity using a combination of run-of-river water and stored water.


To view the application, proposal information and all other documentation pertaining to the Scheme, please click the following link: http://ecan.govt.nz/get-involved/consent-projects/past-notifications/hwp/Pages/waitohi-application.aspx


A resource consent hearing for the WIHS began in March 2013 and concluded in late July 2013. A series of expert witnesses presented evidence outlining how the scheme could be developed to integrate with the local environment. 

On 5 August 2013, Environment Canterbury released its decision, granting all nine consents allowing the take, use, diversion, discharge and storage of water from the Hurunui and Waitohi Rivers.


For more information on HWP's resource consent hearing go to http://ecan.govt.nz/search/pages/results.aspx?k=HWP 




Shortly after, the consents were appealed by the Amuri Irrigation Company, and joined by Ngai Tahu Property beginning a lengthy appeal process. 


To read about the 2013 AICL/NTP appeal on HWP Consents Go to Appeal.


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