News update

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HWP Appoints Project Manager
Chris Pile joined the HWP team as Project Manager on 1st February 2017. Chris comes to HWP with over two decades of experience with MWH in engineering, construction and project management, both within New Zealand and overseas.


HWRRP Review and HWP Resource Consent

HWP has engaged Christina Robb of Happen Consulting to provide expertise in relation to planning, consents and environmental management matters. Christina will work to clarify time-frames for preparation of HWP’s Ecological Management Plan with Environment Canterbury and community stakeholders.

ECan issues consent transfer for NTF Balmoral property

The Regional Council, Environment Canterbury have issued Resource Consents CRC172780 and CRC172781, to HWP and Ngai Tahu Farming Limited (NTFL) respectively. These replace HWP's consent CRC153349, namely: to use land for farming.

Crown Irrigation Funding Approved

HWP is pleased to announce that its application for ongoing dollar for dollar funding by Crown Irrigation Investments Limited (CIIL) has been approved. Funding for the project’s Feasibility Phase is now secured.

HWP Office Relocated

In mid-December 2016, HWP moved offices along with Riley Consultants, Engineering geologists. We can now be found at Level 2, 22 Moorhouse Avenue.



HWP Annual General Meeting - Waikari
HWP’s 4th Annual General Meeting was held at the Waikari Memorial Hall on 23 November. This was a good opportunity for HWP shareholders to meet with the board, staff and their farmer liaison representatives.
New Director - Mark Zino, a prominent Hurunui District farmer, shareholder and Farmer Liaison Committee Chairman was nominated, elected and welcomed to the HWP Board as HWP's seventh Director.


Rooney Group Limited (RGL) - Gary Rooney and the RGL Project Control Group members were introduced to shareholders and spoke briefly on progress made in assessing options to design a viable irrigation scheme for the community.

Rooney Group Limited Appointed for Early Contractor Involvement
HWP has appointed Rooney Group Limited (RGL) as their ECI Contractor who will provide technical expertise, interim development funding and project management services. This is intended to progress the scheme through the completion of the feasibility stage, enabling a preferred scheme configuration to be identified and costed ready for detailed design and construction.

HWP Shareholder Loan
On 8 September, after receiving shareholder approval of the Board’s funding proposal, HWP went out to its shareholders seeking a loan via the loan platform LendMe. The Shareholder Loan offer closed, fully subscribed at the end of the month. The Shareholder Loan is an integral part of HWP’s funding/resourcing strategy that will see the company through its Feasibility and pre-construction phase.

HWP & Ngai Tahu Farming Sign Heads of Agreement

Agreement was reached and documented in a Heads of Agreement with Ngai Tahu Farming to separate their Balmoral property to outside the HWP Command Area.


Special General Meeting of Shareholders

A Special General Meeting of shareholders was held at the Hawarden Rugby Clubrooms on 23 July to present new data on farmer irrigation requirements and land-use, based on the farmer survey carried out during April-May this year. Shareholders were given an update on the companies work progress and financial structure…. The Board and CEO then presented, for shareholder approval, a funding proposal intended to see the company through its Feasibility Phase. Shareholders voted unanimously in favour of the proposal.

HWP – CIIL Funding Partnership

In July, 2016 HWP began a new partnership with Crown Irrigation Investments Limited (CIIL), when the Ministry of Primary Industries novated the agreement with HWP to the crown entity, CIIL. As with MPI’s former Irrigation Acceleration Fund (IAF), CIIL provides funding that can be drawn, on a dollar for dollar basis, for expenditure directly related to scheme development. 

19 & 23 May 2016
Shareholder Meetings
The first of three meetings was held at 4pm, Thursday 19 May in Hawarden at the Hawarden Rugby Clubrooms. This particular meeting was specifically for shareholders in the Upper Waipara region.  Lynda Murchison presented on the challenges of being under Red Zone Rules within the catchment and on implications of the proposed Plan Change 5 to the LWRP in this catchment.

Two further meetings were held on 23 May. All meetings informed shareholders on the results of the Walton Survey and provided farmer/shareholders the opportunity to give feedback. It updated them on the project's recent progress and the Board's proposal for raising funds to take the project through Full Feasibility. Two further meetings were then held at 4pm, in the Hawarden Rugby Clubrooms and 7pm at the Scargill Valley Hall.


HDC Support

The Hurunui District Council has voted unanimously in favour of a resolution of support for HWP, recognising the potential economic benefits that the project will bring to the Hurunui District. They congratulated HWP on finally gaining its consents, appreciating the difficult journey undertaken by HWP and its shareholders to date.


April/May 2016
Farmer Survey Undertaken

A survey of a sample of farmer shareholders in the HWP Command Area was undertaken. Conducted by Walton Farm Consulting, data gathered has provided HWP with updated information on existing and future land-use within the district and farmers' future irrigation requirements.


IAF Funding Grant
MPI confirmed its continued support of HWP by granting, via its Irrigation Acceleration Fund, a further $520,000 to support the company through its initial Step programme. A further $3.3 has been conditionally reserved in a Letter of Intent to see HWP through its Full Feasibility Programme.


HWP Resource Consents Issued 

At 5pm today, Environment Canterbury issued HWP the original nine Resource Consents previously granted, plus a Consent to Change Land Use in the Hurunui District. This has finally seen the end of a long and expensive appeal process. From today HWP can now move forward with the business of looking to develop an irrigation scheme to provide water for continually drought-stricken North Canterbury farmers.


High Court Decision Released (see Press Release 9 December)