Farmer Liaison Committee

The purpose of the Farmer Liaison Committee (FLC) is to provide a link between the farmer shareholders and the Board of HWP.  Meetings occur quarterly and involve the Board and the Committee discussing topics related to the scheme.

It is a useful way of getting information to farmer shareholders and discussing issues face-to-face with the Committee, as well as being a link from the shareholders back to the Board.  This two-way exchange is a vital part of both the FLC and the Board's information transfer.

As HWP now progresses through the scheme design and layout  phase the FLC will continue to provide support and help manage relationships with farmer shareholders. In order to fully support this role, at a meeting, held on 28th February 2017, four new members were welcomed as Mark Zino resigned as Chair. Current membership now stands at twelve members, as below: 


                                            Stu Jensen - (Chair) 03 314-4581

                                            Tim Banks - 027 282 0342

                                            Ben Black - 027 699 6660

                                            George Black - 027 315 8214

                                            Tom Costello - 03 314-4566

                                            Chris Earl - 03 314-3841

                                            David Fincham - 03 314-4127

                                            Jean Forrester - 03 314-5849

                                            Euan Frost - 03 314 2313

                                            Mark Hassall - 03 314-4495

                                            Tim Murdoch - 027 868 6009

                                            Paul Reese - 027 731-4433



A brief update by the Chair of the FLC can be found on the last page of HWP Newsletters (3 per year).


A copy of the draft FLC Terms of Reference can be found Farmer Liaison Committee ToR.