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Who is behind the Hurunui Water Project?


There are currently 196 shareholders in the company of which the majority are land-owners within the HWP Command Area.


Board of Directors

The HWP Board has seven members . MainPower holds over 10% of HWP shares, and is therefore able to appoint a director.



HWP has a CEO and an Office Administrator.


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From Early Beginnings

HWP has been over 15 years in the making, arising from various groups with a common interest in the sustainable use of water for irrigation, and possibly hydro generation, with a mind to the future well-being of the Hurunui District. Originally the Hurunui Community Water Development Project, it was renamed in mid-2008 and established as the Hurunui Water Project Ltd.

In 2002, the Hurunui Community Water Development Project working group was formed with representation from Enterprise North Canterbury, the HIPT, Ngäi Tahu Property, MainPower and the owner of Eskhead Station, David Teece.


Four of these entities are stil major Founding Shareholders:


HIPT, representing the interests of more than 200 Hurunui farmers who formed a Trust in 2002 to look at the opportunities for using water in the district.


Ngäi Tahu Property owns 9,000 ha of rural land within the Hurunui District with development potential.

MainPower has an interest in the regional development of the Hurunui District and in hydro-generation possibilities.

Eskhead Station was the location of one of the original water storage sites HWP was investigating. The owner of Eskhead Station, David Teece, supports the project and has provided development assistance. 

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