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The Hurunui Water Project or HWP is a farmer-shareholder based irrigation company originating over 15 years ago within the farming community centred around Hawarden

town-ship in the Hurunui District of North Canterbury.


Frequent and extended drought 

periods continue to impact harshly on the agricultural productivity of the Hurunui District, threatening the stability and sustainability of its communities.


HWP represents a collection of  people within the community with a shared vision to see the Hurunui District become a productive and sustainable landscape.


HWP has the support of landowners across 42,000ha, most of whom have no current access to water for irrigation.



The Waitohi Scheme Proposal

The current, CRC consented plan for the HWP is the Waitohi Irrigation and Hydro Scheme.


The scheme was proposed to include four dams along the Upper Waitohi River as well as on-plains storage for distribution of water within the HWP command area. 


Following extensive community and environmental consultation, resource consent for the Waitohi Irrigation and Hydro Scheme (WIHS) was granted by Environment Canterbury on 5 August 2013.


There were no appeals of a general environmental nature.


In December 2013, the Hurunui and Waiau River Regional Plan was made operative by Environment Canterbury under the Resource Management Act. 




































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HWP Annual General Meeting - 4pm, 23 November 2016 - Waikari Memorial Hall.
HWP Special Shareholder Meeting - 4pm, 27 July 2016 Hawarden Rugby Clubrooms.
A shareholder resolution will seek authorisation for Directors to implement a funding/resourcing package.
HWP Shareholder Meetings

On the 19th and 23rd May, HWP held  three very well-attended shareholder  meetings at the Hawarden Rugby Clubrooms and the Scargill Community Hall.

These meetings:

  • Informed shareholders on the data gathered and assumptions made from the Walton Survey.
  • Continued to update share-holders on the project's progress.
  • Provided a wider group of farmer/ shareholders with the opportunity to give feedback.

  • Informed shareholders regarding the Board's proposal for raising funds to take the project through Full Feasibility.

HWP has Listened to Farmers
Farming in the Hurunui District has changed a lot since HWP first applied for resource consent, and with it, the irrigation requirements of farmers. Recognising this, HWP used the services of Walton Farm Consulting during April to go out and talk to HWP farmer shareholders to find out what they are planning for their farms, and to discuss their future irrigation requirements.
From the sample of 66 farmers surveyed, we know that:
  • Virtually all shareholders remain committed to irrigation
  • Most shareholders are looking to irrigate a proportion of their farm to improve existing farming practices.


This exercise has been a valuable and crucial step in helping give us a better idea of what your irrigation scheme may  look like in the future.
HWP has MPI Support
In March, HWP signed a new funding contract with the Ministry of Primary Industries which will provide a grant of $520,000 from its Irrigation Acceleration Fund to support HWP’s Initial Step Programme. Additionally, MPI have stated their intent to reserve further funding to support a Stage 1 Full Feasibility work programme. 
 has Resource Consent     

HWP has Resource Consent

HWP holds nine Resource Consents to take, store and use water for irrigation in the Hurunui District, plus an additional consent to change land use in the command area. The consents were those originally granted in August 2013, that became subject to a long and expensive appeal process which finally saw them granted, unencumbered, on 18 December 2015.

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Newsletter Issue 24 - October 2016


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23/05/16 & 19/05/16 - HWP holds a series of shareholder meetings. See News Update for further info.


11/04/16 - HWP gets HDC Support


22/03/16 - MPI commits IAF funding to HWP - project work resumes


18/12/15 - ECan issues HWP Resource Consents


8/12/15 - High Court decision released ...favourable for HWP 


25/11/15 - HWP 2015 AGM held at Hawarden Rugby Clubrooms


28/10/15 - High Court hearing - reserved decision


12/10/15 - HWP to appeal Environment Court decision within High Court


30/09/15 - Shareholder 

Information Session held at Hawarden Rugby Clubrooms


18/09/15 - Environment Court decision released... disappointing


7/09/15 - HWP, AICL, NTFE and ECan attend Environment Court hearing


11/08/15 - Environment Court 

declares AICL appeal withdrawal invalid.


10/08/15 - AICL has withdrawn its appeal on HWP consents.


11/02/15 -  Agreement reached between AICL, NTFE, HWP and ECan and a settlement proposal is tabled with the Environment Court 


20/12/13 - Ngai Tahu Forest Estates (NTFE) joins AICL appeal


31/08/13 - Amuri Irrigation Company Limited (AICL) appeals HWP consents. 


5/08/13 - HWP granted Resource Consent by ECan. 


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